Friday, May 15, 2009

Soul Journaling Prompt: Tools and Materials Scavenger Hunt!

Your objective: To make a visual journal spread using only the tools and materials on the list below. No basic tools such as glue, paintbrushes, scissors, etc. can be used unless you find a way to make it fit on the list. For instance, “something metal” can be a tool such as a scissors. But do you really NEED a scissors? Or can you tear out your images? Something metal can also be a material such as a really cool embellishment. Challenge yourself to use objects in new ways and break free of relying on your favorite tools. But most importantly have fun!

Find these items and get creating!




Your journal (primed and ready to go)
Something out of your trash bin
A paper clip
Something you got in the mail
3 colors of acrylic paint (your choice)
Something found on a sidewalk
Two different kinds of pens
Something Soft
A bottle cap
An image of someone smiling :D
An image of something that starts with the letter R
Something made out of plastic
Something sticky
Something metal
Something with a number on it
Something shiny
Something that starts with the letter A

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Here's my finished spread. I can't wait to see what you create!
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