Saturday, July 19, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 7

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the wonderful and inspiring email and comments that I have gotten about this project. When I first started I never knew that it would be received with such open arms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today we are going to journal. Turn to page page 5 and 6.
Now everyone has a slightly different page here. Some may have printed paper, some may be blank, some may have journaling. Mine is blank and today I want everyone to journal on a blank surface free of distraction. If yours isn’t blank turn to the next page that is or glue a blank sheet of paper on top.

Use a ball point pen and fill both pages with small writing.

Prepare yourself and your environment by turning off the TV and other distractions. Have your husband or neighbor watch the kids. Do what's necessary for you to have a few moments to yourself. Get comfortable, take some deep breathes, clear your mind and then fill at least both pages with the prompt “I forgot to tell you…”

Be as honest and open as you can knowing that we are going to cover this up and no one will ever read it. If you get stuck rewrite your prompt “I forgot to tell you…”

Now, we are going to tape over all of the journaling we did today.

Keep adding tape until you are satisfied.

I chose to stop at a point where you can’t tell what I was writing but you can see a few of my words through the masking tape.

My pages were a bit bumpy after adding all the tape so I turned the page and smooshed all of the tape flat using a burnisher. You can also use a Popsicle stick or the side of a pen.

That's all for today!


I want to add that tape is also wonderful for putting back in pages that have fallen out of your journal or reinforcing bindings that are weak. I love this stuff and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. When my pages start falling out I am actually happy about it because then I get to use some of my cool tape! I think it gives my journal character. Here’s a peek of my “working” journal were I put all my art ideas.
(Electrical tape)

(metal tape)


Oh and I forgot to share Penney's armor with you yesterday! Didn't she do a great job? :)

If you have pictures you'd like to share you can email them to me at
Or if you have a link to a blog or website please leave it in a comment or email so I can add you to my "Fellow Soul Journalers" link at the right side of this page.

Have a great day!


Carol said...

Oh my word, I am so enjoying this journalling. I started mine today so today is day 1 for me, but I want to catch up I am sooooo excited! I have wanted to journal before but something always stopped me, you have made this so easy to follow, but soooo fun and inspiring.I am going to post my pages later. Thanks so much Sarah

Altered Route said...

Sarah...I didn't follow rules to letter. I posted why on my blog. I sure am enjoying this and so glad you are taking the are a good teacher!

Cheeka said...

I hate to be an A$$, but, who are we talking to? Ourselves? Somebody else? I'm confused. This is regarding "I forgot to tell you"

I know you're going to give me a confucious-type answer, but I'll ask anyway!

Sarah Whitmire said...

"I forgot to tell you" can be anyone or anything you want. Once you start writing just write whatever pops into your head. For example: " I forgot to tell you... what a waste of time this journaling is." "I forgot to tell you... that I loved you." etc.

Christy said...

I only had my husbands stash to choose from and all I could find were the metal tape he uses when working on air conditioning and a black duct tape. So I sneaked them out of the garage and cut up a few pieces LOL. If he sees these pages he is going to know for sure.
I love Penney's armour and I love how she added the extra papers to her page!

Ruby Claire said...

Done!! caught up! And it son all on my blog too!! :D Can't you put ALL the days up in one massive post so i can do them all today?
I am having a heap of fun!
I wasn't sure what I forgot to tell who so i just wrote to my journal at times, then to me, then i pretend i was talking to someone else.
Ahh this is fun! Thankyou!!
There is my blog so you can add it to the sidebar if you want :)

Cheeka said...

Hmmm well I'll give it a go - I'm not one to forget to tell anyone ANYTHING I'm always running my mouth - LOL. I have tape, though! And Christy - that metal tape rocks, you might as well keep it and if your husband asks, tell him you have no idea. None.

Kathryn Costa said...

I'm caught up! Hip, hip, hooray! I managed to find some tape too. Swing by and see my take on the assignment. I can't wait to see the next step. Oooh I love the anticipation.

Dymphie said...

That's my mantra: When All Else Fail Use Tape ;)

Sarah, I adore the way you are doing this art journal group. Stunbled into your blog via one the Gothic arch participants from this week and have send my friends over to your blog (you don't mind that do you?)

Jane B. said...

I did my journaling and taped it over, and I put some stuff in there that I've wanted to write about for probably near 30 years, but haven't been able to bring myself to do it. I taped over it, and taped over it again, and then I found myself actually wanting some of the words to show through about things I can't say. Thank you for helping me, and us, Sarah. I'll put the picture up on the blog comboed with Day 8's assignment. I kind of figure today's assignment was more for us than for art...

Anonymous said...

This was fabulous! Even more so since I knew I could write anything and then cover it up. Thanks Sarah!

JudyK said...

This is so much fun! I had a little trouble finding which day I was on, I couldn't find the index of days but I found 5 + 6 the cutting and pasting of " squares. I'm a little confused on what page to journal on.
I've been trying not to look ahead but I can't stand it I'm going to check out everyone's journals!!

daisylover said...


I want to thank you for this great tutorial. I am having so much fun making my soul journal. I just got finished taping my pages - I covered both pages with so many words and it felt so good just to cover them so no one else reads them. I look forward to each day of working in my journal! I have to agree that you are a fantastic and creative teacher!