Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 21

Hi everyone. :)

Here is my Photocopy page from yesterday:

And here is my photocopy book mark all ready to go. I collaged the photocopies onto watercolor paper and inked the edges with ColorBox Chalk. I decided to do both sides of my bookmark (optional) and then wrote my name on a small tag on one of the ribbons. (If you are participating in this swap please make sure to sign your bookmark somewhere.)

Boy my book is getting full! I love it!

It get's harder and harder to close each day now... ;)
Today's Prompt: Misfit Creatures and Sad Super Heros. Have you ever wished you had super powers? Do you ever feel like a misfit? I know I have had many moments like these, especially in the "real" world when I show people my art who just don't "get" it. It's in those moments I feel like a real weirdo with two heads. :P
Here are a few of my past "misfit" paintings: (click for detail)

Today we are going to do a two page spread about a time we felt like a misfit.
Let's work in the next two page blank spread of your journal:
-First make sure your pages are prepped with a dry brush of Gesso if you are not working in a watercolor book.
-Then I want you to draw your misfit character in your journal. Here's how I make mine:
Using a fine tip permanent pen I begin by doodling a random shape. I try not to think about what I am doing and just let my lines be free to cross and go where they may. If i don't like it I can always Gesso over it.

Then I spend some time looking at my lines, kinda like finding shapes in clouds. :)
When I see a character coming through the lines I start to go over them and darken the ones I like.

I'm starting to see a catlike creature with this one. I never know what I am gonna get and the surprise is always so fun. I continue by adding washes of paint to further develop my characters shape and drawing in new features I'd like him to have (like his teeth and feet).
My misfit ended up with a unicorn horn looking thing and instead of painting over that I think I am going to keep it and add lines to it to define it even further.

Keep adding washes of paint, lines and details to your misfit. Think about his or her personality as you do this.
Don't worry about extra lines or drawing a perfect picture. This process should be as enjoyable as finding shapes in clouds.
After you are done with your misfit creature continue developing your spread by journaling about a time you felt like a misfit or super powers you wished you had.
I'll share my misfit page with you all tomorrow. :)


LaY hOoN said...

Wow !!
This is sooooo cool !!

Ariana said...

I especially love the book mark! I really have to try it. Can I ask what you use to collage? Maybe you said that already, I can just go back and re-read if you prefer! :) Maybe this is mean, but I like that you sometimes feel like a misfit...makes me feel better. "Why I am such a misfit...I am not just a nitwit..." Sorry, the song is in my head and I needed to share!

Ruby Claire. said...

OHHH love this new prompt!! I'm scared!!! lol. I can't draw!! I read in your last post that... This Soul Journal is nearly finished?? NOOOO!! I still have about 100 pages and I am having SO much fun with this!!... Maybe another challenge after this then>??? *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*
OHH I so want to be in this bookmark swap thingy. Will make mine this afternoon :)
Thanks for the prompts!!

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Sarah!
I'm loving your posts on Soul Journaling SO much!!!!
Your art work on Etsy is GORGEOUS!!!! THANKS for sharing!!!!

inge bekaert said...

your sad superhero is such a cutie !!
He may join my other 8 cats...

May I make a collage with photoshop of my pages or do you prefer the glued papers ?

Inge from belgium

Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Inge,

Sure you can use Photoshop! I admire people who know how to use it since the most I can figure out is how to resize photos. LOL


KathrynAntyr said...

Hi Sarah,
I have the bookmarks ready. Yes, bookmarkssss. I made two one for the swap and one for you. You can pick which one you want to keep. Check out my blog for a preview. {hugs} k

Mary S Hunt said...

oh my gosh
the bookmark
the little creatures
everything looks just amazing!

after the weekends show
i will be able to get back to business...carrying on with MY journal

and my bookmark promise...

does everyone realize august is almost GONE!.. ?
where does the time go

Anne said...

Sarah - How did you make the ribbons on your bookmark? They look so awesome!

seth said...

The book looks so good so far. Glad you showed that shot. And what a fun way to make a misfit!

Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Ariana,
I just used a good old fashioned glue stick to do to my bookmark collage and I used Liquitex Matte gel for my collage in my books. :)


Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Anne,
The ribbon's I used are dyed silk (unfortunately the store I bought them from no longer carries them but maybe you could do a Google search for "Silk Ribbon") I used a Pentel Gel Roller fabric pen to write the words.


Jane B. said...

Your misfit is amazing! What a wonderful technique - I would have never believed anything would emerge when I tried it - much less the Mighty Mouse that yours is - but sure enough, it works.
Hugs, Jane
Here's my results:

eilandkind said...

aaah, I LOVED this task! How amazing, I got watercolour pencils a while ago as a present, but didn't really know when and where to use it. I used it on my misfit and it was great!
I think this is my favourite part of the souljournal.

Anonymous said...

I'm still coming along, way way behind now, but I am still loving my SJ journey, and I *really* liked this prompt and the results - and even insights! - I got from this.

Thank you! said...

lovely new prompt! you're getting even more superb day by day.. good job Sarah