Sunday, August 10, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 22

Happy Sunday everyone!

I decided to make a second "misfit" character. And here she is:

She's a bit scarier than my cat/mouse character which I kinda like...hehe

Today's Prompt:
Working on the next two page blank spread of your journal:
-First collage various papers such as dictionary pages onto your journal then dry brush with Gesso.
-Then using a permanent pen write for at least 5 minutes using the prompt ” Today I feel…” Sound familiar? ;) (The first time we did this prompt we covered the words with Gesso and not the other way around but today I want our words to symbolically show through. )

-This next part is gonna be messy. If you are worried about your manicure you may want to put on a pair of rubber gloves and it's a good idea to have some paper towels and wet wipes handy too. We are going to finger paint a self-portrait! No paintbrush or tools allowed. This may be a little frustrating but allow yourself to relax and just think about the shapes and colors. Feel the cold paint between your fingers and think about how our ancestors painted their caves, their body, and many other things using only their hands.
- Make sure you fill both pages with color. Add any personal symbols too. Remember only your hands are to paint these pages. ;)

Here's my finished painting. At first I was frustrated but then started to enjoy myself and was pretty impressed I was able to even make a face that resembled me using only my fingers. I think she looks pretty happy too. ;)

I hope you have enjoyed Soul Journaling…this is not an end but a new beginning. First, I want to thank you all again for this amazing journey. It would not have been successful without your courage and friendship. I am humbled and honored.
Secondly, I want you to know that this is not the end but a beginning for us all. Look how far we have come! I encourage you to continue working in your journals a little every day. Even if it’s just to write one or two words. I may in the future do a second installment of Soul Journaling and I do plan to sporadically post prompts on my blog when I can... so look for those.
I also wanted to mention that the awesome folks at Joggles found out about my Soul Journaling project and were so impressed that they have asked me to teach online classes for them! I pretty much have free reign to teach anything I want so of course I am jumping at this opportunity as it has always been a dream of mine to teach art.
Please keep in touch.

Love & Laughter,



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 21

Hi everyone. :)

Here is my Photocopy page from yesterday:

And here is my photocopy book mark all ready to go. I collaged the photocopies onto watercolor paper and inked the edges with ColorBox Chalk. I decided to do both sides of my bookmark (optional) and then wrote my name on a small tag on one of the ribbons. (If you are participating in this swap please make sure to sign your bookmark somewhere.)

Boy my book is getting full! I love it!

It get's harder and harder to close each day now... ;)
Today's Prompt: Misfit Creatures and Sad Super Heros. Have you ever wished you had super powers? Do you ever feel like a misfit? I know I have had many moments like these, especially in the "real" world when I show people my art who just don't "get" it. It's in those moments I feel like a real weirdo with two heads. :P
Here are a few of my past "misfit" paintings: (click for detail)

Today we are going to do a two page spread about a time we felt like a misfit.
Let's work in the next two page blank spread of your journal:
-First make sure your pages are prepped with a dry brush of Gesso if you are not working in a watercolor book.
-Then I want you to draw your misfit character in your journal. Here's how I make mine:
Using a fine tip permanent pen I begin by doodling a random shape. I try not to think about what I am doing and just let my lines be free to cross and go where they may. If i don't like it I can always Gesso over it.

Then I spend some time looking at my lines, kinda like finding shapes in clouds. :)
When I see a character coming through the lines I start to go over them and darken the ones I like.

I'm starting to see a catlike creature with this one. I never know what I am gonna get and the surprise is always so fun. I continue by adding washes of paint to further develop my characters shape and drawing in new features I'd like him to have (like his teeth and feet).
My misfit ended up with a unicorn horn looking thing and instead of painting over that I think I am going to keep it and add lines to it to define it even further.

Keep adding washes of paint, lines and details to your misfit. Think about his or her personality as you do this.
Don't worry about extra lines or drawing a perfect picture. This process should be as enjoyable as finding shapes in clouds.
After you are done with your misfit creature continue developing your spread by journaling about a time you felt like a misfit or super powers you wished you had.
I'll share my misfit page with you all tomorrow. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 20

Yesterday’s homework was to make a color photocopy of at least 3 journal pages at your local office supply store. I am lucky enough to have a great laser copier/printer so I have made a bunch of copies.

I frequently make copies of all kinds of things. Artwork, cool fabrics, patterns, etc. I save them and reuse them in other pieces and I also use them for testing out new ideas. For instance, my "houses page" has a blue sky but maybe I thought about changing it to purple or green but I was afraid to do so and ruin the look I already like. I will then make multiple copies of that page and paint right over the image. Make one purple, one green, and so on to see if I really do want to alter the original. This is a great way to test out all kinds of ideas and not fear ruining the great things you already have happening.

Here is my blue original with my painted green and purple photocopies.

Today's Prompt: Photocopies!

Using photocopies we are going to reuse some of our favorite journal images to make a new page. Working on the next blank two page spread in our journal cut, tear and paste your copies into your journal. This is a great way to take advantage of all those “sweet spots” or “favorite spots” you may have going on in a page. Add additional journaling, paint, or anything else you wish to these pages. Think about all of the possibles for new projects incorporating photocopies of journaled work. Have fun!

Here I am playing with the layout of some of my images, I can't wait to add some new color around these.

Finished pictures will be posted tomorrow...

Just for fun I thought it would be cool to do a photocopy bookmark swap. Something to keep in our journals.  Email me for more info at

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 19

Thank you all so much for your well wishes. It was such a beautiful time that I was sad to leave NYC but I am so happy to be back home in my studio. :) Since today is Official show and tell day I thought I would start by showing you some of the cool art products I took with me on my travels.

I took two permanent black markers, a small paint brush, a glue stick, watercolor pencils, Peerless watercolors, and a Wet media tablet on the plane. Because of the new regulations I was not allowed to take any water, my glue stick had to be under 3 oz, and my scissors blade under 4 inches. After I got through security I bought a small bottle of water and used the cap to dip my brush in. On our return flight I ordered water for my beverage and drank most of it leaving a little to wet my brush.

These Derwent water color pencils are fabulous. You just draw with them and use a wet brush over your drawings and they magically become watercolor paintings.

If you have never tried Peerless watercolor paper then you are in for a treat. These are super travel friendly and even I was surprised at how vibrant and beautiful these colors were. All you do is touch them with a wet brush to pick up your color.

I bought the regular pack and the small bonus pack to try them out. One side shows the paint's color. The opposite (darker) side has the actual paint on it.

You can see the spot where I touched it with my wet brush.
Here are the larger sheets.
Not only would these be fabulous tucked inside your travel journals but you could also sew or attach a whole palette into one of your books if you wanted. I ended up only using the very small bonus pack. It is 40 colors strong yet fits in the palm of my hand.

Here is some of my doodle art I made on the plane using my fine tip sharpie marker and my watercolors.

I bought this cool kids book at one of the gift shops and it entertained me on my return flight.

These spirals would be soo neat as a background for an ATC or decoration on an envelope. I plan on using some of my watercolor paints over them too.

And finally I promised you all my potpourri journal prompt pictures. Here is my second piece:

Here is my third “Collage potpourri” piece. I am already seeing great things happening that I’d like to go back into and develop further. And I like how the corrugated cardboard made some great lines so I can add further journaling later.

Since this is "show and tell" day I would love it if you would leave a comment to this post with a link to any new journaling you have done on your own this week. :)
Homework: Color photocopy at least 3 of your favorite journal pages. Copies are usually only a few cents and most office supply places are very helpful if you have never made a copy before.
Hope you all have a super fabulous day! XO