Saturday, April 25, 2009

SJAT Student Work!

Check out the fantastic work done in my last Soul Journaling: Advanced Techniques class!

Christy S. from Florida!

Savannah F. from Canada!

Nathalie G. from Belgium!

Mary H. from South Dakota!

Janet B. from Australia!

Jane B. from Florida!

Bernie A. from Australia!

*APPLAUSE* Show these awesome ladies some love and make sure you leave a comment for them! :)

The next Soul Journaling: Advanced Techniques Workshop will begin on Friday May 15th (last day to sign-up for this class is May 15th) and this is also the last Soul Journal workshop I will be teaching this year so if you're interested now's your chance. ;)


Mar said...

thank you for including my work on your blog!
excitement races through one when they visit this awesome blog and see their contribution to class displayed!
i KNOW how long it takes to create a post with this many graphics involved
can hardly wait for your new website!

Laura Kay said...

What a feast for the eyes! I love the color combo's.

Anne said...

Wow! Love all the yummy art journal goodness! Thanks to all of you for being willing to share your art! :-)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME....I'm blown away....wonderful and inspiring....TY for sharing.
Peace, Dar

Apple said...

Everyone is so talented!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is all so very fabulous! Thank you ALL for sharing your work. I am so inspired and in awe. Sarah, thanks for leading this class and sharing your students' work via your blog. Awesome!

Keli Hansen said...

i was over at kecia's blog and she posted a sweet picture of the two of you. we met last year in hampton - sally jeans class - you gave me a fantasic collage you had done for the retreat. your work has blossomed...i'm going to jump in on the days of journal prompts...maybe i'll do a "crash course" and be ready to take this new series. i've signed up for journalfest...bizarre because i have never journaled before... so your lessons will be perfect for me. any chance your headed to port townsend in the fall? thanks for the lessons!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

sunflowers4heather said...

Wow! Everyone did such a fabulous job. You are just an amazing teacher Sarah. I really like the way you lay out the supplies for each day in the photos and in written instructions. You make it very simple- no stress. I believe that is part of what is so helpful for me is you give us the basics and then I can take it to the next level and add personal touches or changes to the assignment. There is no right or wrong answer. No matter how we do it, or how the pages come out, it is the right way! This gives way to inspiration for me. Thank you so much.
AND again to all the artists who took the advanced class and work we got to see, AWESOME work. Thanks for allowing us to share!
Heather >^..^<

Carolynsn said...

Wow, the work is amazing. The depth of color and layers in all the pieces is just wonderful and rich. Excellent job ladies! said...

lovely work. words ain't enough to praise you and your work..