Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 10

Open to the next two blank pages. If you are not working on watercolor paper you will need to Gesso both pages before you begin.

Today we are going to recreate our home. This can be where you currently live or a home from your past where you felt happiest and safest.

To start I drew a basic house shape with a pencil. This is symbolic of my house and doesn't look exactly like it. I am drawing low on the page because I also want the base of our homes to double as a pocket. I used a brown paper grocery bag for my base/pocket. I feel that the larger sized bags are a little thicker and stronger than the small lunch kind but just use what you have. I love recycling paper bags for my art. Not only are they a great substitute for some of the expensive papers out there but it just makes me feel good that I am putting one less bag into the landfills. I will frequently make entire books out of recycled paper bags.

Without measuring I eyeballed the aproximate size of my house and cut out a piece of paper bag that was slightly larger.

I folded over the top of my pocket to give it a nice edge and allow for extra strength at the opening.

I left a bit of a gap when I glued it down to allow for room inside the pocket too.
(this is the page view upside down)

Now I want to mention again this is just to symbolize your home. Obviously the shape won’t be an exact representation of where you live. Mine isn't this tall or even has this type of roof. We are trying to draw our homes as we did when we were children. Everything should be symbolic. I want you to continue working on your home by adding the doors, windows, roof, and any other outside identifying marks so that you know it belongs to you. I added a large window and similar door to the one I have now.

On the next opposite page I want you to draw more houses or your "outside world". I chose to draw more industrial looking buildings to represent mine but it is totally up to you what kind of buildings or surroundings you draw. Don’t go into too much fine detail yet.

That's all for today! I had so much fun I can't wait until tomorrow!


Penney said...

What a fabulous video!!!

Christy said...

Now I am really out of my comfort zone. Drawing... LOL
And that whole, not too much detail... yea right! If we cover it up I won't care though.

Altered Art Freak said...

YAY! This looks fun and I happened to go grocery shopping last night too! Hey check out http://alteredeverythingandmore.blogspot.com/ I have somthing for you there :)

mistie said...

Oh my gosh! I played that video for my students this last school year, and they asked me to play it everyday for 2 weeks!! It's awesome. Thanks for reminding me.

Karina said...

Sarah, I've just jumped right in and took part in this Soul Journaling journey! Thank you so much for doing this...this is so great!

KathrynAntyr said...

Hi Sarah, I am a day behind. I really responded to the comments that you left on my blog last night and went back and added to the collage. I think I really dig the lesson from day 9 -- to not be afraid to go back. Tomorrow night I'll move forward to day 10's assignment. Thanks again for your great insights. I'm having a blast.

Jacky said...

I have the gesso, the brown paper bag and the pencil at the ready!

REALLY enjoying myself!

Linda said...

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying this project. Thanks for all the fun and inspiration.
Linda x

cmoh said...

Just finished my home! I'm a day behind but that is all good I am way enjoying the experience...it is hard for me not to look ahead though :)

Jane B. said...

I've drawn my Grandmother's home (not recognizable with my drawing skills though!); can't wait to see what we do with it next! I've drawn representations of it before, so I love that you're having us include this as part of our project.

Purrplekatt said...

I love your Soul Journal. I started a week or so ago and so far this is as far as I got. I am having so much fun though! I don't have any scans yet, but maybe soon. Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Just finished my house last night. It is a combination of my current house and my dream house :)
Love this. Thanks again Sarah!

sunflowers4heather said...

Hello Sarah, and all my fellow soul journalers!! I came across this site about two weeks ago and dived right in.I absolutely love it!

Soul Journaling is just what I needed in life right now.I am enjoying myself and learning lots of new things about art and about myself.

Alpha Stamps,by the way, is my very favorite online store to shop for the newest and the greatest products for mixed-media artists. They are the first online store I made a purchase from and have been hooked since and still want one of everything!! :o)

Everything in your galley is so exquisite. It gives me hope for my future as an artist I am truly inspired by you and your work and rendered speechless when I see your art, and your "outside of the box" thinking.

Sarah, I am truly greatful to you for all your hard work that goes into soul journaling and sharing something so very special,from within you, to all the rest of the world.

Truly, you have an amazing gift and I just wanted to share that with you so you know what it means to someone like myself and to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my "soul!"

Heather Grace Earnhart