Friday, July 18, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 6

I know that there are people that are all caught up, people that are behind and people that are just starting. Please don’t worry about being behind. If you are just starting today, start at Day 1. It IS day 1 for you! I don’t want you to rush through to catch up so you can finally “start” too. I want you to think about and enjoy each day. :)

Today we are going to cut our magazine images out to be small squares. Don’t get caught up with the perfect measurement but they should be approximately 1x1”. If you want to you can measure the first one to get an idea of size but eyeball the rest. OK? :)

For some of the squares you will only be able to use a part of each image. For instance, half a large smile or part of a large sentence. You don’t have to recognize what the original image was after you cut it out but try and find a nice curve or interesting composition. I’ve drawn a box around my image here just to demonstrate. Don’t draw the box, just cut.

Now to attach your squares to your page. Use a grid pattern arranging the images in any order that you like. If your journal is small you may not use them all. If your journal is big you may have more white space and want to add a few more squares. I am going to attach mine using matte medium under and over the images to protect them. If you don’t have matte medium, you can use any glue you have handy.
You will be amazed how beautiful these tiny random images start to become as you place them on a page together. Do you see any themes happening? Do you see any stories? Play with the arrangement and see how themes can change.

(here I am rearranging the look of my page and figuring out placement)

If your rows are a bit wobbily…that’s OK. Your squares a bit crooked?…good. Allow yourself to be imperfect!

That's all for today!

Your homework for tomorrow: search your house for tape! Any kind except clear... Look for masking tape, electrical tape, duct tape, metal repair tape, etc. and set them aside for tomorrow.

I hope you have a fabulous friday and enjoy beauty in all the "details" today. :)


cmoh said...

looking fabulous girl! I enjoyed today's S.J. it was a lot of fun

Jacky said...

Hi Sarah,

I am so enjoying the whole creative process of this soul journal! I am so glad I found your blog.

Today I am working on my armour as yesterday my printer would not work. Off to a friends house today and will print it off at her place and work on that spread tonight.

I have already chosen all of my magazine pages for the next challenge. Did that last night while watching TV. THIS IS FUN !!

Christy said...

definitely enjoyed todays journal prompt. the free form application of the images into a grid looks really good on our backgrounds. i had to put the letters together, i couldn't resist it. off to see what everyone else has done.

Mary S Hunt said...

I had to atend a show today...when I got home I came immediately here to get the lesson...THAT is how much i am enjoying this !!

Thank you

KathrynAntyr said...

I'm soooooo inspired and I'm jumping in! I have some catching up to do. I have day 1, 2, and 3 done and posted to my blog. Thanks to the Average American Girl for leading me to this assignment. Sarah, I've seen you at collage cats and I think we may have met at Miss V's amazing tea party. This project is perfect for me at this time. I'm hosting a SoulCollage Tea Party next Sunday to celebrate my 40th birthday party. I was intrigued by what I had seen about SoulCollage and thought I would hire someone to give my friends some instruction at an art party. I'll let you all know if we meet any aliens! Haaaaa haaaa.

KathrynAntyr said...

I have this page done! Swing by and check it out. I'm having so much fun. Now to find some tape. hmmmm. I might have to improvise or borrow from a neighbor. I'll journal first and then go on a mission for tape.

Jane B. said...

Hi Sarah,
I love how the pages look, and can't wait to see what you want us to do next! Are you getting divine guidance from the muse? I think you are channeling something special there :-) I've posted Day Four - Six spreads on my blog - whew, glad to be getting underway again after five days away from playing in my soul journal.

Dawn said...

I just wanted to say, that I am having a blast with this. I just finished cutting and stickin' down my little pcs. It's so much fun.. I love that today @ work I was asked what the white stuff was...HELLOO GESSOOOO!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Finished up lesson 5 and 6. Lots of fun. Thank you again Sarah for all of the time and creativity that you have put into this. Hugs.

goudenregen said...

I did day 6 with the magazine images. The pages are very surprising, it is good to use only a small part of a photo. This way I can change the images and it is nice to find out which images are attractive to me and which images I put aside immediately. I really enjoy your exercises. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Day 6 is online :)

Carole Kurth said...

It's 2012, and i'm playing along and having lots of fun. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your Soul Journaling. Thanks for posting it.