Friday, July 25, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 13

As some of you may have guessed we are going to be making Paper Dolls of our family to go inside of our house pockets. YAY! :)

"Family" means something different to everyone so please feel free to include immediate family, extended family, friends, pets, people from your past and present.

I am going to make my family using collaged copied photographs of our heads but please feel free to draw, paint, and collage your family any way you wish. These are totally up to you to interpret. I will be drawing my own doll bodies but there are lots of paper doll resources online if you wish to go that way. Here are a few links I found by typing "free paper doll" into Google.

First thing I am going to do is measure the inside of my pocket to see how big my dolls can be without having their heads poke out the top of my book.

It looks like they can be a maximum of 8" tall for my pocket.

I measure the width too.

Using that information I drew a template on my watercolor paper of the size constraints I need my dolls to fit into. (8x4)

Then I drew a quick sketch to figure out body shape and placement. I am using very simple shapes for my bodies but you can make them as fancy as you wish.

I printed out some heads that I would like to use for my family. Here I am trying to see if the size will be OK. (when you cut out your heads make sure you leave a little extra neck room so that you can punch and add a brad later)

After I decided that these heads will work I attached them to my Watercolor paper using Matte gel under and over them and cut them out after they were dry.

Here is my body with my head attached by a brad. I cut out a leg shape leaving extra length for the brad but I am still staying within my size box of 8x4.

I started on Oliver's body and now I am drawing his legs. I put the paper under him so I can see how his paws will look. Again, I am leaving extra length to attach them. I added a brad to his tail too so it will wag. :)

Here is my family so far: Jared still needs arms and legs and Anna needs a body.

Looks like they will fit so far!

After I am happy with the basic body shapes I will take them apart and start to paint and collage their outfits on. Don't worry if your people look a little funny shaped. They are not supposed to be perfect. They are supposed to be fun! :)
I will post pictures of my progress tomorrow! *HUGS*


Mary S Hunt said...

just adorable!!!!!
(especially the puppies)

Altered Art Freak said...

That is the CUTEST family I have ever seen!!!

KathrynAntyr said...

How sweet! I have some catching up to do and I have so many guests coming. I'll do my best!

Jacky said...

Cute as!!!!! Cant wait to get onto my family!!!

What a lovely idea...thanks Sarah.

Audrey said...

Hi, I play some pages with you!


...Cindy... said...

I am slowly but surely working on my soul journal, and this is the next day I need to start. I know that lots of artists have already completed this, but I wanted to recommend as a source for a paper doll template. It is definitely a feminine figure, but it can definitely be traced and modified for the muscley members of your clan. I also used the arms, legs, and head for an articulated ATC. Wonder where I put that thing...

daisylover said...

These are GREAT! Reminds me of kindergarden- making paperdolls! I knew I was destined to do this journal- I have always told people that I give my art to: I refuse to grow up! There are so many things that are so fun to do and too many adults forget the fun things!

Keep making the world more colorful, Sarah!