Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 8

I'm kinda sleepy today...How about you guys? *YAWN* Alright let me grab my journal.


I forgot to tell you yesterday that you will need sandpaper today. My bad. Hopefully everyone has some out in the garage somewhere. First thing we're going to do today is go to our taped page and sand the tape. The metal tape will be able to take the most abuse. Make sure you go in all directions.

Wipe off any dust.

The sanding will help paint stick to our tape and just to be extra sure we are going to be doing a light priming with Gesso. (man I love this stuff! hehe)

I paint it on with a dry brush right out of the container and IMMEDIATELY wipe it off.

I don't know if everyone knows but they make a black Gesso too. Here I have done the left side with the black Gesso and the right with white. Notice how the different tapes react to different colors. I am especially fond of the metal tape with black and electrical with white.

I am going to add some green. I am mixing right on top of my page. You can use any colors you like. :)

Wipe off.

Sand a bit more to take off some of the paint and to shine up the foil again.

I added a bit of brown to age the green and tada! a really awesome textural background to work with. No one will ever guess that this page holds secrets too!

I LOVE the texture here...

Look at the strings in the white duct tape. Lovely lines.

Don't be afraid to use unusual objects and everyday items in your journals. You don't need to have an arsenal of products. Use what you have. More beauty (in my opinion) comes from using things that are unexpected and not made to be used in art. After all, anyone can make a pretty picture using pre-made items bought at a scrapbook store. Challenge yourself to think outside the box.

Pick a flower today and press it somewhere in your book! :)

See you tomorrow!


Christy said...

Sarah I have to tell you today was the best day with the journal yet (IMHO). I had so much fun it should be outlawed. Thank you for this amazing journey.

Jacky said...

Hi Sarah, me too!!!!!
I am typing this with paint covered fingers, and bit of tape here, there and everywhere.

Loved writing down all my "secrets", quite cathartic actually... and the best part, covering them all over with the tape and paint!!!

Great challenge, you have got us all hooked.

Sabii Wabii said...

This is just a great tutorial!

Ruby Claire. said...

Love this! :D
You DO have us all hooked! I just got home and didnt do anything but rush to the computer to check. I didnt even take my bag off my back! dad thinks i am getting a bit obsessed :P
It feels so awesome to get it out on paper and then covering it up, so only YOU know whart is under there :D

VirginiaW said...

Just loving this!!!Love to get down and dirty!!!This is a very
therapeutic journey in more ways than one...Thank You...for sharing it with us...

VirginiaW said...

Ooopsy forgot my link...Off to do some sanding...LOL.

Jane B. said...

This is awesome on so many levels! I'm having a great time, and a moving time, and a therapeutic time, and a breakthrough time. Oh huzzah Lady Sarah!

Hugs, Jane

...Cindy... said...

I must admit, the day 8 prompt made me a little anxious (although I am trying to overcome it, I have a fear of creating multi-layered art). Much to my surprise, though, I felt totally proud and pleased with the result! It is posted here:

I'm looking forward to having my limits pushed even further!

Scrappy Cat said...

This is amazing! I'm really happy with my pages - but I bet we're not through with them yet. The texture is great - thanks for the ideas!!

Oh, and here are my pages:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and lots of fun. Just finished and posted my Day 8 pages. These lessons are getting better and better - Thank You Sarah!!

Sandy..... said...

Thank you Sarah, I'm slowly catching up. I really enjoyed doing these tape pages. I actually finished a couple days ago, but my house has been so nutty lately, I'm just posting them and here is the link:

Thanks again~! Sandy

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

All finished with day 8! LOL. Still playing along and hope others are as well. There is no time limit on creativity! Um.... Right?

eilandkind said...

wow, this was an eye opener. I only started doing your soul journal recently and got stuck on this task. Something inside me just refused to use horrible masking tape and stuff in my beautiful journal! It took me days to get myself so far and I LOVE it. The whole process, the end product and the words that I let myself write underneath the tape!
I can't believe how wonderful this was.
I only had royal blue tape ( and am not a big fan of blue) and brown masking tape and some almost see through electrical tape to use, but it looks GORGEOUS covered with the gesso!
Thank you so much for this series.

Marit said...

Hi Sarah! I used your tape idea to make a page in my "To be honest..." art journal. It's HERE on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!