Monday, July 21, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 9

I want to go back to my “squares” page today. (I know some of you have already added to yours and that's great!)

The reason I am working back and forth is that nothing I ever do in this journal will ever really be what you may consider “Finished”. I want it to be constantly growing and changing. As new insights and ideas are awakened in me I want to be able to go back into my journal and add to it. Give yourself permission to take on another page or another 10 pages all at the same time.

First, I’m going to add a light color on top of my dark brown. I’m going to mix colors so that I can get the exact shade I’m looking for. Choose any light color or combination of colors that you like.

Add a little water to your paint and dab off with a paper towel the same way that we did the dark paint. I am leaving a bit more paint around some of my squares. Don’t worry if a little paint gets onto your pictures but if it gets too gloppy you may want to have a baby wipe or damp paper towel handy to quickly wipe it off.

Allow this to dry or speed the process with your heat gun.

Now grab a pen or marker and:
Write 8 words describing your pictures.
Circle one picture
Draw a messy square around four
Draw a dotted line around two
Draw a broken “stitch” line around one

I want you to continue working on these two pages today until you are satisfied.

Just curious…how many of you found and chose to put the word “ART” together? ;)

See you tomorrow!
Homework: Don't go out of your way... but if you happen to be at the supermarket save a large brown paper grocery bag for tomorrow! ;)



Mary S Hunt said...

oh right!...I didn't even put the letters into a word in my mind until you just told me...sheese
i just went and looked at my page...
i didn't even cut out an R...
but i see a spot for it
and it will spell out i must have subconscienciously done it

and i came up with a flower (weed)

inge said...

Hello Sarah,

Kathryn from collagediva talked me into this... and I like it !

I'm just a few days behind and I won't catch up for the moment cause we leave tomorrow for 5 days to London... but I will when I'm back !

Please count me in as a souljournaler... and if you want take a peek at my website :

and this is the link to my 'souljournaling"page...

see you later !

Inge from Belgium

Ruby Claire. said...

This is so awesome!!
Doing this after school today :)
I knew there was the word art, I put them all of different lines going from left to right diagonal down the page. I think you have to be concentrating hard on mne to be able to read it!

Christy said...

Glad we revisited this page. Mine needed further work :)

Altered Art Freak said...

Yep, I spelled out art vertically down my page :) and how bout that ebay video...too FUNNY!!!...sounds just like me!

Penney said...

I contemplated spelling "RAT" with the letters (I love rats and had them as pets), but alas, sanity reigned and I spelled "ART". I have updated my sadly neglected blog so now I don't have to bug you with email pics! LOL
Can't wait to work with my squares!

KathrynAntyr said...

Ha! I only saw the word rat or tar. Boy do I feel dumb. I joke at work that I'm not the word person.

My original sampler fit on one page and I didn't have the room to really embellish it like you did so I decided to take my spare page that was already prepped and cut out some more squares. I enjoyed the distressing technique with the sandpaper from yesterday that I did it on this page too. It isn't finished ~ lesson learned: don't be shy about putting something down and going back to it. I will definitely visit this page and add to it. I'll take any suggestions. Happy to see Inge from Belgium joining us.

VirginiaW said...

Hi Sarah,
So enjoying this.I found art but chose to put it in a triangle..A bit me..
Thank You

Cheeka said...

Okay I was going to joke about rat & tar but everyone beat me to it! Actually, I saw "art" right away because I AM a word person - but I didn't really want to put them together - dare to be different (I will do that one-winged child one of these days! anyway!) but the letters are kind of in order. I'm mad now that I did go back and outline every one with a black marker like ruby - grumble. I'll try to figure out how to get lines and dots and stuff around them now!

I'm done with day 7 so I guess that's not so bad! I want to enjoy, not rush. I almost did the rest of day 8 - I'm up to gesso - but decided to chew on my color choices for a night. I don't want to just slap paint down. I chose dark purple and I'm toying with either a pink glaze (okay is that too girlie) or yellow glaze or just jump in there with no glaze. Sigh. too many choices! Or I might pick a color I loathe just to be contrary - like hmmm well there are colors I wear and colors in art and rarely do they meet - I wear orange all the time but rarely use it in my art - hmmm.

Jacky said...

Hi Sarah... I knew I was getting ahead of myself and you would probably go back to this page!!!

Not to worry, I cant still do most of this (and will know next time not to get carried away...I'm just having so much fun!!!!!!!!)

Saw the word art with the letters, but just wanted to spread them around a bit.

I have finally been able to get my soul armour page done (yay for my new printer). I am working until Friday so havent got good enough light in the evening to take a photo so will post that on Friday.

This journaling is just the greatest!

mistie said...

Hello Miss Sarah -

I just found you! An answer to what I've been looking for. Your work is so delightful, the layers and colors are fantastic.

I have been wanting to start a journal - and have done so this month, but have felt it would be so nice to have a little more direction with it until it is more of a habit with me.

I am going to jump right in today - thanks a million for putting time and effort into being a creative goddess and guider :)

Congrats! on your submission too. What a thrill.

Best regards.

Miss Oddity said...

Doing this was fun ... the page had looked naked before and now it feels better. Thanks for helping us to complete it. My letters are in order but in different rows and columns so they don't pop out as the word ART.

Jo Wholohan said...

What FUN Sarah!!!!! Really opening up to the writing element in this :))

Jane B. said...

I actually liked my page in its original incarnation, but I like this one just as well - not better, just different. It does look a lot more finished; thank you for all these fun techniques, La Sarahnissima!

Scrappy Cat said...

It's amazing how much this page changed after I added the light paint. This was a lot of fun - here are my pages:

I hope you're having a great anniversary celebration - our 31st is Tuesday!

Sandy..... said...

I'm playing catch up but I'm having so much fun! Thank you Sarah!
I just finished my inchies layout and really enjoyed it. I have pics posted on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Day 9 is complete - what fun! I didn't notice the letters A,R,and T until you pointed it out. I really like the idea of covering up images with paint and then scrubbing some off. It lends an air of mystery. Wonderful!!

Melissa said...

I just found your blog yesterday and I am addicted. :) I didn't catch the word 'ART' in there but after reading that I looked at mine and my 'A' is little so in the inchie it says Make. Then My 'R' actually as an 'A' with it too, so if you read mine across the page it says MAKE ART. How cool is that! :) I just had to share. Thank you for such a great blog, I am having a blast.

Beckie Holso said...

Loving this, having so much fun!

Marit said...

I made a page with the inchie-idea - I gave it a little twist though. You can find it here on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!