Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 11

Today we are going to collage over some of our drawings. You can use patterned papers, tissue paper, dictionary paper, anything you can think of! Rip papers to fit windows, roofs, edges of buildings, etc. I attached mine with Matte gel over and under my papers but just use what you've got. Go over your outlines with a permanent ink pen.

I added a few little details that I don't mind getting paint on. I will probably add more later.

That's all I've done so far today, but I'm going to go ahead and tell you what I have planned for tomorrow in case you want extra time. We are going to fill this page with color! This can be paint, markers, crayons, colored pencil, etc. Continue working on these pages adding any elements you want. I will post pictures of my painting process tomorrow.
Note: as you are painting on the brown paper try and not use any water on and around it since it is unprimed.
Have you guys guessed yet what will eventually go in the pocket? ;)
Have a super, fabulous, wonderful, terrific, full of laughter day!


Christy said...

Another fun and interesting prompt today Sarah.
A trick you can use if you want to paint/color your pocket is to fold wax paper/parchment paper to fit snugly inside your pocket. Make sure it goes all the way to the bottom and sticks out of the top. Then you can work on the pocket area. After all is dry you should be able to remove the wax/parchment paper from your pocket.

My guess for the pocket is one of two things:
Journaling about our family/homes
Pictures of our family/homes

Altered Art Freak said...

Oh, Ive done this but mine is not nearly as pretty as yours but Ill post pics on my blog soon. My guess for the the flower you asked us earlier to press somewhere in the book :)

Sarah Whitmire said...

You're very close with your guess! ;)

Jill said...

Hello there, have just discovered this journal journey via Soul Food jumping in and will start this weekend. It is all looking really good so far :).
Thanks for sharing all this.

Carol said...

Sarah, I wanted to make sure you know how much your touching people with this project. I have made so many new friends as a resut of joining in. I am also finding this first experience of journalling so freeing and so inspiring. So a big thank you.
I wanted to ask a question too, if that's ok? I wondered if we will be doing anyhing with the cover or is that something you are leaving to us? Don't want to second guess, but would hate to go ahead and do anything and then have a prompt posted??? Also do we need a pressed flower??? I didn't spot this in your instructions???

Sarah Whitmire said...

Thank you so much Carol, You are all touching my life and inspiring me daily too. :) I have been overwhelmed with all the beautiful comments and emails. I am trying to respond to as many as I can and saving them so I can print them out and put them in the back of my journal so I can always remember you all always!

I am leaving the cover of the journal up to you. I usually don't do anything to mine until it is completely finished so I don't get paint on it or add embellishment that makes the book hard to work in.

I did ask that you pick a flower and press it somewhere in your book. :)



Carol said...

Thanks Sarah, I will do the same! i wil also get onto the flower! Great idea on the print outs.

Miss Oddity said...

Hi Sarah,

Are we making a person or people to go inside our houses? I thought maybe with the brads needed for the next task that this may be where we are heading.

I'm still working on my house pages - I'm happy with the neighbourhood but feel my house needs a bit of a renovation. I have stepped away from it while I think of what to do.

You have taught me so much already. Yesterday when I started pasting down my bits of papers I wasn't all stressed out that maybe the colour wasn't right or it didn't fit in because I knew that it was all going to be changed eventually. Such a freeing way to do things. Thanks

blueskysunburn said...

You've probably noticed I've been stalking your blog this weekend! I have been working through all the days (though skipping around a bit)since I had a free weekend. Great blog! I should be caught all up after today. I know you said to start with what ever day we come in on but the other projects were interesting. I'm posting my work in my blog - Trial and Error. Look forward to the other prompts!

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous day of journaling and collage work. Lots of fun and can't wait for the next one.