Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soul Journaling: Day 5

Here is my (finished?) spread. I journaled a bit more around my armor and added a light wash of walnut inks to both pages to tie them together.

(click for detail view)

My name got a little wet and bled since I had used a non-permanent marker there but I kinda like that! If you don’t have walnut ink you can achieve the same look with watercolor or very watered down acrylic paints.

I really like my armor and when I look at these pages I feel happy, safe, and empowered. :)

A few of you that I have talked too have had little amazing things happen as they were working. And here is mine. I tried really hard to get a picture close enough to read that wasn't blurry(sorry). But the dictionary text under her arm reads "Guide body of person" Maybe I'm reading into it but it's an unplanned surprise that I really like.

Alrighty, moving forward!

Let’s turn to page 3 and 4 in our journals. On my page 3 I have dictionary paper that has been journaled on and covered with Gesso. On my page 4 I have journaling covered with Gesso and no dictionary page. You may not have continued journaling onto page 4 like I did but that’s OK.

Most of you have already done this but I want you to make sure that both pages have a drybrush of Gesso on them before we start today to protect your pages from paint. After your Gesso is completely dry I want you to do a light wash of a darker color of Acrylic paint over both pages. To do a wash just add water to your paints. I have done mine here in dark brown (AKA Raw Umber) but you may want to use dark purple, black, dark blue, etc. Oh and if you were wondering…those black dots on my left page are string from where I sewed my attachment the page before.

Blot some areas to lighten them while the paint is still wet with a paper towel. If the paint isn’t coming off enough, brush a bit more water on top of those areas and blot again. It was fun to see that my right side reacted a bit different than the left because the surface was more textured due to the lack of the added dictionary page.

Allow this to dry.

Yippie! Now it is time for a scavenger hunt!!
Time to get out those magazines!!

Find the following images in your magazines. When you see one on a page just tear the whole page out, set it aside and keep going. Don’t pay any attention to the size of the image. When you find one you like, just tear and go!




1.A smile
2.Something beautiful
3. a chair
4. something red
5. something blue
6. something comfortable
7. something exotic
8. a leaf
9. a color you love
10. a pattern
11. a flower
12. a bird
13. something you want
14. something you own
15. the letter R
16 something that smells good
17. something that tastes good
18. A circle
19. the letter A
20. An eye that’s the same color as yours
21. a hand
22. the letter T
23. a butterfly
24. a number

Set your images aside until tomorrow.

Part of not knowing what the end result will be is learning to enjoy the journey. I hope you enjoyed yourself today.

That’s all for today! YAY!



Christy said...

ooh I love that video! I was smiling and laughing the whole way through. What a work out that guy got too! I'm tired now just watching him... time to look at some magazines :)

cmoh said...

Now you have really peaked my interest. I think I found all the images but the buterfly (I replaced it with a dragon fly)

I think I saw that guy in person once and he is a riot!

Mary S Hunt said...

i am glad to see as i check back to look that all the words you wrote were gone too...i thought i must have done something ahead of time
guess i am on_the_same_page
anyway now to finish gathering

Ruby Claire. said...

I have just found your blog through cmoh^^.
I know how it feels when people look through your work and think your so obsessed and/or weird. Its great to know that someone else feels the same!
This will definately help me and will be lots of fun!
Thankyou so much!!!

Wabbit said...

Great journal pages but I love your painting! Cute little art critics you have there, too. ;-))

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

great instructions on the background how to... thanks!

seth said...

I have not had a chnace to make a journal along with you but I have been reading all the posts and filing ideas away. Great tutorial. Thanks!

Jane B. said...

Yikes, I'm yet another day to gather the pictures. I should have been hunter/gathering images yesterday, but instead I went to Joanns and bought an armload of the cheapie paints. Fifty cents a piece makes me feel just fine about buying colors that I wouldn't normally use. Even better for creating fearless and innovative art! Off to clip...

catharinas-love said...

I will beginning a Journal !
Thanks for the tips !

...Cindy... said...

I wasn't going to post a comment until I had photos of my soul journal up, but that video was SO hilarious! Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog and decided to try to catch up. I am just doing the second page and had a similar experience as you described. I had written my creative artist is coming out and right there in the text was the word "escape". I circled it and had arrows point to it. I was thinking my that is strange that it fit so well with what I was writing. It is interesting to me that it seems to happen as part of the magic of the process.

Shelagh said...

Hi Sarah
Carol left a comment on my blog so I looked at her blog and there was a link to your blog .... & so it goes. Can I join in please? I may adapt the ideas into stitch if that is ok with you. I so loved the dancing guy what a laugh & the fab link to the free clip art & I have not read further than this yet, what a delight

Shelagh said...

Hi Sarah
Carol left a comment on my blog so I looked at her blog and there was a link to your blog .... & so it goes. Can I join in please? I may adapt the ideas into stitch if that is ok with you. I so loved the dancing guy what a laugh & the fab link to the free clip art & I have not read further than this yet, what a delight

Sarah Whitmire said...

Of course you can join us! The more the merrier.

I'd recommend starting at Day 1 and doing the prompts at your own pace. Don’t feel rushed to catch up just enjoy the process. :)


goudenregen said...

I am very exited about my armor. I am now looking for the images in magazines, but I almost wanted to make another armor. The only difficulty is what to write. It feels a bit stupid to just start writing. Do I have to make a draft first?
I am very content with your inspirational lessons. Would like to work on it everyday, sadly I can't.

Sarah Whitmire said...


I'm so happy you are having fun. No need to make a draft first. Just go for it! :)



Anonymous said...

I am ready for today ;)
Can't wait till tomorrow ;) Maybe i will start today, because tomorrow is a busy day :p